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Dear Brightons,
Before we delve into the founding roots of our cricket institution, we would like to re-
iterate and resonate our indestructible resolve on cricket. As we cannot go where we aim to
go, unless we know who we are, and how our journey came about to this day. In times of
today or as it shall be read into the unfathomable future; the present state of our institution
will always be an outcome and a reflection of the many small but continuous changes and
the constructive karma of - the few good men, the uncountable number of mentors and the
voluntary association of the cricket well-wishers over the years. Each of whom living in
their current times with an iron will; to reflect upon their passion and love for cricket, to
reflect upon their sporting resolution and principles of the institution, to reflect upon their
profound responsibility towards serving the sports in its finest form and therefore the
society at large, and to reflect upon their strong sense of citizenship towards the nation.
We have enjoyed the support of bright family for years since the days of inception and
would cherish its continuity for all coming times. As through this tradition and a paradigm
of good and positively synergizing sports people and sports lovers – Our cricket, Our
society and world of sports at large enriches and benefits permanently. Therefore, we
extend our humble gratitude and heartfelt thanks to our associates, mentors and especially
the positive support of the few good men, who stood with us in our pursuit of creating
good cricket and giving out positive cricketing spirits to society. Through their hardships
and perseverance over time, we have been able to strengthen the foundations and preserve
the heritage of this indispensable cricket institution, build upon by thought leadership of
great men and preserved over time with finest principles. We wish for the unwavering
support and holistic contributions of all brightons for all the coming times ahead.
Many decades ago, our founding father Late Shri NC Bakshi Sir, through an unknown
number of inspirations, entrusted support of good people and a good heart full of pure
cricketing intent, embarked on a timeless journey, by placing his faith onto a strong set of
ideological moorings. He wanted to create and influence the finest cricketing cultures and
infrastructure in Delhi and surrounding regions. One, which shall exemplify and be talked
about by everyone. One which can stand at par to any domestic cricket system in the world.
It has been over four decades since we set sails on that journey and came so far with our
efforts. Our emblems and missions may keep re-inventing themselves and may symbolize
to the essential needs of their current times. Though, as true it is to the characteristics of
any great institution build for the society at large, so it must be said for Bright Cricket Club -
it is a place not found or confined in form of a physical infrastructure, or owned as a wealth
of a material nature in hands of few. It is an idea of cricket and society, which lays as an -
intellectual, indestructible, and a continuously growing and evolving asset into the hearts
and minds of its endearing people –the players, the coaches, the ground staffs, the
caretakers and all the benevolent associates over the years. It is therefore a common and
collective heritage of us all Brightons. It belongs wholly and truly to one Brighton and also
to all of us in the same spirit. The true symbol and heritage of our institute is a super
conscience of group efforts and sports activities, living and breathing through all those who
have journeyed with it till date.
To meet the demands of present times, it is incumbent upon us to carry forward with this
baton of responsibilities. Through the onus of our past deeds and the present times as our
true witness, let us pledge to become the caretakers of cricket and march forward with an
unflinching resolve, to pass it in best possible way to the posterity –while consistent to its
roots set into its ideological moorings, while preserving the purest form of the idea but also
taking the best of the coming times along the way. We only look forward to create and
become better in future than what we have with us today. Let us join hands together in this
beautiful journey of cricket. Amen.

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